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Some of MMT Bands

Psykup Alternative Metal
See more Psykup
Empire de Mu Death-Black Metal
See more Empire de Mu
Behind Our Reflections Post-Hardcore
See more Behind Our Reflections
Vomit Remnants Death Metal
See more Vomit Remnants
Hope In Misery Metalcore
See more Hope In Misery
Dischord Death Metal
See more Dischord
Burden Down Alternative Metal
See more Burden Down
À l’Ombre d’Héméra Post-Hardcore
See more À l’Ombre d’Héméra
Insurrection Death Metal
See more Insurrection
Social Arsonist Thrash Metal
See more Social Arsonist
Domination Thrash Metal
See more Domination
Overlapping Magisteria Progressive Metal
See more Overlapping Magisteria
Morgue Death-Black Metal
See more Morgue
Fallout Death Metal
See more Fallout
Soiled by Blood Death Metal
See more Soiled by Blood
Death Perception Death Metal
See more Death Perception

Some of MMT Professionnals

El Cheapo Recordz Label
See more El Cheapo Recordz
Zephyr Recording Studios Recording Studio
See more Zephyr Recording Studios
Silver Wings Studios Recording Studio
See more Silver Wings Studios
Hellstorm Productions Promoter
See more Hellstorm Productions