About Metal Music Tool

Why Metal Music Tool

Metal Music Tool has been designed to allow various players in the metal music industry to easily connect with each other and thus facilitate exchange  of information and communication between them.

This platform is oriented, voluntarily and solely, towards metal music to optimize its efficiency and become the indispensable platform for any actor in the industry of this wonderful music.

To keep an effective platform and remove any pollution, such as inactive accounts, we have initiated symbolic subscription fees for bands at $0.99 renewable every month. This fee allows us to maintain a certain level of quality that will allow you to do research on current market and not obsolete information.

Metal Music Tool

Are you a band?

Consider Metal Music Tool as your first stop from now and let it be your best friend to promote your band.

Take advantage of the features offered by the site and look for the promoter who will arrange your next show or tour, the label that will distribute your music or the recording studio of your dreams, thanks to the interactive map. Find the closest music store when you are touring/travelling or just the concert hall for your next show.

Remember, the only reason the band plan is not 100% free is to not get invaded by thousands of bad profiles on the platform and thus maintain a high quality of content. That’s why we initiated a symbolic fee of $0.99 per month with no commitment.


Are you a professional ?

Metal Music Tool is the ideal platform to promote your business, to target metal music fans and thus develop your business. We therefore offer you various packages allowing you to create geolocated cards from each of your branches.

The site offers an interactive map allowing you to find the band you are looking for. Using filters, make your search easier by selecting the sub genre you are interested in.

You will soon realize that Metal Music Tool is the ideal instrument to find hidden gems and an indispensable tool to organize your tour or concert. Above all it will be a major ally in promoting your business.