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Advertise policy

How it works?

Metal Music Tool uses an advertisement system that allows you to promote your ad through certain pages on the site. The amount of time your ad is active is determined at upon purchase and is based on a fixed price. Your ad is then part of the Metal Music Tool advertisement network and is randomly displayed on dedicated spaces throughout the site.

Ad revision

After you've filled in the form for your advertisement and have payed for it's display, it is reviewed before being added to the network, within a 24 hour maximum delay time. This is so that Metal Music Tool can ensure that your ad conforms to the required format.

Your ad then is displayed for the amount of time purchased.

Ad format

Your ads need to be 834 by 800 px, in jpg or png format, at a maximum of 250 mb.

Ad Content

You alone are responsible for the images used in your advertisement, which means that Metal Music Tool is not responsible for copyrights related to the images used.

Your ad must not contain any of the following: 

  • Racist or hateful slurs
  • Content relating to illegal or illegitimate products and activities
  • Content relating to products or services deemed "adult"
  • Pornographic content
  • Fake or misleading content
  • Music or animation

Ad Expiration

Once the ads expiry date is reached, it will be completely deleted from the network and an email will be sent to you to inform you.