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Active from: 2008

Address : Saint Denis Street, Montreal, QC, Canada



For over 12 years now, our sound engineer Jonathan Lefrancois-Leduc (Jo) has been recording bands around the world and mainly here, in Canada. With all this experience acquired working with around 150 bands, he makes every band sound unique and help them reach the sound THEY want.

Jo has also worked with many big names of the industry for orchestral composition and arrangement such as: Kataklysm, The Agonist, Ex-Deo, Erimha, Blackguard, Crimson Shadows, Kittie and a lot of amazing underground bands. So if you need to add a Hans Zimmer kind of touch to your music or bring your creativity to the level it deserves, he’s your guy!

‚ÄčOur mission is simple; to make sure that all musicians that step in our studio and work with us are fully satisfied with their experience and with the final product they receive.


There is not only the quality of your recording and the creativiy of your composition that matter. Visual is sometimes as much important. At Silver Wings Studios, we offer to take your visual art to a whole new level. Artwork, Photshoot, Video, name it.

And then when the time comes for merch, we also have a contact to get you the best price on the market for quality prints of all sorts. Banners, CDS, t-shirts, stickers, etc. Ask us for whatever you need and we’ll find it for you.

Contact person

  • FRANCOIS BERTRAND - Sales/Videographer
  • JOE LYKO - Sales

Recorded band's list

Non-members of Metal Music Tool
  • Crimson Shadows
  • Kataklysm
  • Black Guard
  • Bookakee
  • Erimha
  • Sequences
  • Shape The Above
  • Standing On Oblivion
  • Pronostic
  • Necronomicon
  • Doyle
  • Endvade
  • Black Pestilence
  • Adavent
  • My Shadow
  • Adavent
  • Alex Robshaw
  • Archseraph
  • Becoming The Bully
  • Beyond Fiction
  • Braebrook
  • Cryptik Howling
  • Daedelean Complex
  • Deadly Surprise
  • Desosphere
  • Distoriam
  • Elderoth
  • Warbound
  • Eternal Apostasy
  • Exhibition
  • Frostbite
  • Hollow
  • Join The Conspiracy
  • Lynx And Lillies
  • Marianna Hollow
  • No Laws Apply
  • Spiders
  • One Day Left
  • Paradigme
  • Poison Oath
  • SawyerPath
  • Sinaesthesia
  • Sudden Closure
  • T.A.O.V.
  • Silent Clash
  • Becoming The Bully

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